Ableton Essentials - Key Techniques

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Once you have mastered the basics, top producer and DJ Chris Mounter will take you through key music production techniques in Ableton Live 9. The techniques will enhance and move your production forward onto a new level. We have selected key production techniques that are a must for any producer to know and we have developed some key tips and tricks within Ableton Live 9 to help you take your music production to new heights.

From advanced set up to using Ableton live 9 plug-ins properly, this course will really help you enhance your sound and skill level.

The course Instructor Chris Mounter has been involved in many areas of the music industry now for almost ten years. Chris started out as an assistant in a London Recordings studio learning the ropes from industry heavyweights who helped his music production and sound design skills progress rapidly. As well as a respected DJ and Producer, Chris has also worked on various sound design and film music projects for brands such as Nike.

Chris's production career started with a love deep house, including releases on acclaimed labels like I Records. However, as he progressed and became more obsessed with his sound he started moving in a deeper darker direction. One of the reasons for this has been his involvement with heavyweight UK label Hypercolour, he is also a resident DJ for their sister label 'Losing Suki'

You can watch the videos as many times as you like, the course notes are yours to keep and download onto your computer, aswell as a free sample pack with samples from top producers like Glimpse and Tom Demac.

Course Structure

Lesson  1 – Live’s Advanced Preference Settings
Lesson  2 – Live’s Drum Rack Advanced Setting (Pt 1)
Lesson  3 – Live’s Drum Rack Advanced Setting (Pt 2)
Lesson  4 – Live’s Groove Pool/ Grooving Drums
Lesson  5 – Live’s Audio Plugins (Pt 1)
Lesson  6 – Live’s Audio Plugins (Pt 2)
Lesson  7 – Live’s Midi Scale Effect
Lesson  8 – Live’s Audio Plugins (Pt 3)
Lesson  9 – Live’s Audio Plugins (Pt 4)
Lesson 10 – Live’s Audio plugins (Pt 5)

Lesson 11 – Grouping
Lesson 12- Layering Synths and Grouping Them Together
Lesson 13 – Sidechaining
Lesson 14 – Re-Sampling to Audio
Lesson 15 – Advanced Simpler Techniques

Lesson 16 – Live’s Max for Live Instand Haus
Lesson 17 – Max For Live
Lesson 18 – Max For Live Part 2
Lesson 19 – Mastering
Lesson 20 – Mastering Part 2

Lesson 21 – Building the Drums
Lesson 22 – Adding Melody
Lesson 23- Adding Melody Part 2
Lesson 24 – Adding Chords
Lesson 25 – Breakdown & Fills

Once you create your free username and password you can then sign up for any of our courses, you can start the course straight away, there is no need to wait for a starting date, and the lessons can be viewed in your own time and are available 24/7. We recommend that you spend time inside the program after each lesson to grasp the techniques that are being taught.

The course is delivered inside the SubBass Online training zone, where the lesson videos are streamed in HD and where you can download your courses notes and course material such as templates and free sample packs. Each lesson is between 5 and 20 minutes long, and we recommend viewing the lessons in stages so you can really grasp all the techniques.

The first time you complete a course, you must complete the course in the correct order, unlocking the new lessons as you go. After that you can re-watch the lessons as many times as you like. We do not charge a monthly subscription, so you only pay for the courses you want to take. The time the course takes is dependent on how often you log in and carry on learning, each course you purchase will be available for you in your course library for 3 months, which means once you have completed the course, you will have time to re-cover and re-cap as many times as you like.

Number of Lessons
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"I've just finished the how to make house music course with teva and all i can say is - absolutely outstanding. I've been producing for a couple of years but to nowhere near the quality or depth of what you are taught in the course. it says its supposed to take 4 weeks to complete but i was so hooked that I ended up finishing it in 4 days! would recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to make electronic music properly - this is the ultimate package. Thank you!!!"

- James Harkness