Ableton Essentials With Glimpse - Thinking Outside The Box

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Top International Producer and DJ Glimpse takes you through how to use Found Sounds and Field recordings in your music. In this course Glimpse demonstrates how he collects everyday sounds, such as Frying a sausage to kicking a bin and uses them in his music, to give the tracks a totally unique style and feel.

See Glimpse build a full track with just found sounds, you will have never have seen anything quite like this before and you will be amazed at how many sounds we hear every day can be used in music production, with the aim to get you thinking out side the box with your music and really take your creativity to the next level.

This is a totally unique way of looking at music production, and we will get your creative juices flowing with some amazing techniques. If you want to produce like the Pros, then this course is a must.

With the course you will get 19 lessons, where you will see how Glimpse takes everyday sounds and makes a track from them, you will also get all the sounds used in the track, plus a free sample pack including drums, percussion, bass parts, loops and foundsounds from Glimpse and our other pro tutors including Tom Demac and Graeme Lloyd.

You can watch the videos as many times as you like, the course notes are yours to keep and download onto your computer, aswell as a free sample pack with samples from top producer Glimpse.

Course Structure

Lesson 1 - Introduction With Glimpse
Lesson 2 - Recording the found sounds with Glimpse
Lesson 3 - Creating a Kick from Found Sounds
Lesson 4 - Making The Kick Part 2
Lesson 5 - Creating a Pad or Chord From Kicking that Bin
Lesson 6 - Creating a Hi Hat

Lesson 7 -  Getting Ambient Sound From Frying a Sausage
Lesson 8 -  Creating a Snare From Foundsounds
Lesson 9 -  Using Impulse and The Foundsound Samples to Create New Parts
Lesson 10 - Creating A Bass In Simpler With The Sound Of A Train
Lesson 11 - Starting to Build an Arrangement
Lesson 12 - Using Sends and Returns
Lesson 13 - Getting a Vocal From Your Foundsounds

Lesson 14 - Arrangement Part 2
Lesson 15 - Getting a Melody with a Found Sound
Lesson 16 - Creating Ambient Sounds with Found Sounds.mp4
Lesson 17 - Mixing On The Master Channel
Lesson 18 - Overview of The Track
Course Outro with Glimpse

Once you create your free username and password you can then sign up for any of our courses, you can start the course straight away, there is no need to wait for a starting date, and the lessons can be viewed in your own time and are available 24/7. We recommend that you spend time inside the program after each lesson to grasp the techniques that are being taught.

The course is delivered inside the SubBass Online training zone, where the lesson videos are streamed in HD and where you can download your courses notes and course material such as templates and free sample packs. Each lesson is between 5 and 20 minutes long, and we recommend viewing the lessons in stages so you can really grasp all the techniques.

The first time you complete a course, you must complete the course in the correct order, unlocking the new lessons as you go. After that you can re-watch the lessons as many times as you like. We do not charge a monthly subscription, so you only pay for the courses you want to take. The time the course takes is dependent on how often you log in and carry on learning, each course you purchase will be available for you in your course library for 3 months, which means once you have completed the course, you will have time to re-cover and re-cap as many times as you like.

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